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Jisan Forest Resort is located near Deokpyeong T.G (Yeondong highway Singal point, 25Km), 56 km away from the south of the Hanam Bridge. It takes about 40 minutes from Gangnam, south of Seoul. Using Jungbu highway, you can find Deokpyeong T.G when you turn at the Hobeob I.C. Using National highway, you can use No.3 and No. 45 road.
How to Get
Kyungbu Expressway Shingal I.C - Youngdong Expressway - Dukpyung T.G - Jisan Forest Resort
Suwon T.G - No. 42 Road(Between Suwon-Yongin) - Yangji - Ocheon - Jisan Forest Resort
Chungbu Expressway Hobub I.C - Yonungdong Expressway - Dukpyung T.G - Jisan Forest Resort
Incheon - Seoul districts - Ochon elementary School - Jisan Forest
We also offer a free shuttle bus service which can be reserved after registering on our website. So far, only Korean citizens can register on our website, so if you'd like to make a reservation through the internet please ask a Korean friend or aquantaince for assistance. Otherwise foreigners can contact the following number by phone to make a reservation: 031-644-1552~3. We apologize for any inconvenience.
Incheon International Airport-Icheon town (Icheon Bus Terminal)-No.12 seat bus-Jisan Resort
From Incheon International Airport to Icheon town: Airport Limousine Bus (the time required: about an hour and a half)
Incheon International Airport : www.airinfo.co.kr - Search Keyword : Icheon
Information : 02-2667-0386~89(KAL)
Transit time : About an hour and a half depending on the road conditions