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At Jisan Forest Resort we've always made an effort to provide a high quality of service and satisfaction to our customers since opening on December 24, 1996. We appreciate all of our customer's love and support, especially during difficult periods like IMF.

As we enter the new millennium we promise to remember our customer's support and show our appreciation by continuing to offer excellent service. We also believe that our customers should leave our resort feeling refreshed. For this reason we are continuously refreshing Jisan Resort through renovation and new developments. We promise all our customers they won't be dissappointed when choosing to spend their leisure time at Jisan Resort.

Once again, we genuinely appreciate everyone's love and support, and we hope to see you soon!
At Jisan Resort we are working hard to ensure a prosperous future. We are generally a family resort, but we are continuously renovating, expanding and improving our facilities. In addition we are introducing new advanced management technology that is also used in advanced ski resorts in foreign countries such as Austria. We are continuously developing and reinvesting in order to improve and become one of the leading resorts in Korea.
 Creating a safe, pleasent and comfortable environment by expanding facilities and making equipment to make
   them more convenient for our customers.
Developing our cyber service to promote our rapidly devolping resort.
Increasing commerce in the surrounding areas through the expansion of our facilities.

At Jisan Forest Resort our safe and comfortable facilities make our customers feel like they're right at home. You won't regret spending your leisure time at Jisan Forest Resort!